Food Technology Service, Inc., an ISO 13485 Certified Company

As an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, FTSI is committed to meeting and surpassing all customer and regulatory requirements. FTSI has quick turn around times, complete documentation, and an experienced staff.
Medical Sterilization
Our irradiation facility is ideal for reducing bio-burden levels in densely packaged products such as cosmetics, spices and supplements with minimal handling of product.   FTSI has over 10 years of experience and will assist our customers in establishing a dose that works for their product.
Irradiation is ideal for sterilizing packaging intended for ultra-pure food products, for medical devices, for pharmaceuticals, and for supporting pilot plant operations where permanent sanitizing equipment is not available.
Packaging & Consumer Goods
FTSI’s staff is knowledgeable in ISO dose substantiation protocols.  We also have working relationships with independent testing laboratories and can provide “one-stop” dose confirmation and validation services.
Testing and Research
FTSI was initially  constructed to establish irradiation technology as a food safety tool.  There is no other facility in the United States that is as dedicated and committed to food safety as FTSI.  FTSI's unique carrier system allows the palletized packaged food product to directly receive the proper irradiation dose without human contact.
Food Safety
With so many years in the business FTSI has seen many different types of products.  Medical devices, food, clothing, supplements, cosmetics, packaging materials, water damaged documents, radiation hardening, etc. Put FTSI’s experience to work!
Other Applications

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