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     Gamma irradiation is a safe technology that can penetrate dense material to eliminate the presence of microorganisms, without damaging or changing the temperature of the material. Gamma sterilization has significant advantages compared to other methods of sterilization. Gamma sterilization: has better assurance of sterility than sterile filtration and aseptic processing; is a low temperature process; is more penetrating than E-beam irradiation; and unlike poison gas technologies gamma irradiation does not leave residue behind.

     FTSI provides our customer’s with:

     Traceability: FTSI provides a Certificate of Irradiation which illustrates product information, the maximum and minimum absorbed dose, the date the product was processed and a verification signature from one of our experienced technicians.

     FTSI Documentation: FTSI maintains documentation for all of the sterilization processing steps your product goes through when it enters our facility. Internal documentation follows the product through receiving, dosimeter placement, dosimeter readings, and shipping. This documentation is available to you upon request.

     Technical Assistance: FTSI will guide you with references or perform initial dosing to enable you to select the appropriate dose for your product. FTSI will help your company determine the appropriate dose auditing schedules for your product and direct you to supporting literature. FTSI also has established relationships with several sterility testing laboratories and can act as a liaison through the testing process.

     All FTSI customers receive the same level of quality and service- Whether you send us a box, a pallet or a full truckload!

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