Food Technology Service, Inc., an ISO 13485 Certified Company

     Irradiation eliminates pathogens that might have escaped the normal sanitation safeguards in food production and processing plants. Because the foods are irradiated after being placed in their final packaging, there is little danger of the products being re-contaminated. Irradiation also eliminates microorganisms that cause spoilage and irradiated foods have longer shelf lives.

     FTSI’s irradiation process takes only minutes to pass gamma rays through the food. Nothing is retained in the food, the process cannot make the food radioactive and the temperature of the food is maintained. Energy from the gamma rays either eliminates microorganisms such as Salmonella or E. coli 0157:H7 directly or renders them incapable of reproducing. The dosage of gamma rays depends on the needs of the customer and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. Our goal is to use the minimum dose needed to effect a five-log reduction in maximum-potential pathogen counts. FTSI’s facility is USDA-approved and inspected and operates under USDA-issued plant establishment number 18239.

     Our irradiation facility is unique in that it accommodates palletized and/or case lots of both fresh and frozen meats and poultry. This allows FTSI to process large volumes of foods at low cost – typically pennies per pound for chicken or ground beef. Also, FTSI has cold storage capacity in our facility that can hold 2-3 loads of fresh or frozen product for short term storage. (Visit our Virtual tour) Please contact us at if you are interested in obtaining a quote for your specific product or if you wish to be placed in contact with a wholesaler or retailer stocking fresh or frozen irradiated meat or poultry.

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