Food Technology Service, Inc., an ISO 13485 Certified Company

     Gamma Sterilization is a proven, accepted method for sterilizing medical products and devices. FTSI is experienced in working with small or specialized manufacturers of medical products to provide them the same sterilization capabilities of larger producers. In addition, we can accommodate rapid turn-around times and small lots which are often a requirement of smaller companies.

     FTSI's sterilization process takes only a few hours to pass gamma rays through packaged medical devices and products such as implants, diagnostic kits, catheters and infusion sets. This renders the materials sterile in their unopened container. Nothing is retained in the materials and the process cannot make the products radioactive. Dosage and similar quality control information is collected and maintained to verify that each lot was properly sterilized. FTSI can assist with dose establishment and dose validation studies.

     Our irradiation facility is unique in that it accommodates palletized and/or case lots of medical products (Visit our Virtual tour). This allows FTSI to sterilize large volumes of medical devices and supplies at low cost. Please contact us at if you are interested in obtaining a quote for your specific products.

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