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Food Safety and Food Irradiation Websites

Infection Disease Information: Food-Related Diseases
Food Safety and Irradiation: Protecting the Public from Foodborne Infections (Tauxe, 2000)
Food Irradiation: Commonly Asked Questions
Gateway to Government Food Safety Information
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Food Safe Schools Action Guide
Fact Sheets Foodborne Illness and Disease
American Dietetic Association
FIPA: Food Irradiation Processing Alliance

Medical Devices and Packaging Websites

Polymer Materials Selection for Radiation-Sterilized Products (Hemmerich, 2000)
The Effects of Radiation Sterilization on the Microbial Barrier Properties of Tyvek (Scholla et al., 1999)
The Effects of High-Energy and EtO Sterilization on Thermoplastics (Hermanson et al., 1997)
Polypropylene Resins Withstand Repeated High Doses of Gamma Radiation (Technology News)
Strategies for Gamma Sterilization of Pharmaceuticals

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